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JY500A weight controller adopts MCS-51 SCM and high speed ∑-A/D conversion method with max.100 times/s conversion speed.It can make up batching scale with load cell and other mechanical parts

JY500A4 Batching controller

JY500A4 Batching controller , applied in high speed and high precision weighing control occasion.
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JY500A4 Batching controller , applied in high speed and high precision weighing control occasion.

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◆Congregating weighing, display, communication and control in one.
◆Switching power, Voltage range: AC 185--265V
◆ With Analog and digital dual filtering function.
◆Automatic error diagnosis, easy to determine the fault.
◆ Ingredients manual / automatic switching function.
◆Batching process at any time to pause, pause, cancel and continue Ingredients.
◆Automatic zero tracking function
◆Power auto-zero function.
◆Batching start auto-zero function.
◆4 kinds ingredients can be controlled.
◆All material has a compensation function jog.
◆Support adjusting at any time to modify recipes.
◆Automatic accumulated material consumption.
◆With automatic collision momentum and delay function.
◆Manual/automatic gap setting and revising function.
◆Password Authoration function.
◆Zero, Tare, Over load, Tolerance range and Filtering strength can be setted.
◆Date, time display and setting function.
Interior resolution ratio ≦500000       
Power supply AC220V±20%,50HZ±2%
Sampling rato ≦200Times/sec                    
Product capacity ≦10W  
Temperature coefficient  ≦0.005%/℃    
Working ambient degree -10℃~40℃   
Nolinear error ≦0.01%FS  
Working ambient humidity ≦90%Relative humidity (without condensation of water)
Input sensitivity ≦0.5uV     
Instrument keyboard A total of four sound button  
Sensor exaction source DC8V,200mA   
Display mode 12 digital tube and 12 light indicator 
Sensor port input impedance ≧20MΩ
Display range 0~59999 arbitrary input  
Sensor zero voltage range -10mV~10mV  
 Display index number ≦15,000    
Communication port RS232 communication with the printer  
Display division value 1,2,5,10,20,50 can choice          
Control contact capacity Relay output AC220V/3A
Transistor output DC24V/0.3A