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Belt scale Controller JY500B1

JY500B1 Belt scale Controller

JY500B1 Belt Scale Controller is the ZhuoHe's quality weighing controller and mainly apply to bulk measurement in various industries. Such as power generation,coal industry, metallurgy, mining, harbor, chemical and building material industr
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JY500B1 Belt Scale Controller, Mainly apply to bulk measurement in various industries such as power generation, coal industry, metallurgy, mining, harbor, chemical and building material industry and so on.

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Feedrate Measurement and Control for  Conveyor Belt Scale and Weigh Feeder.

◆1 Analog Input.
◆2 Analog Output
◆3 Digital Input
◆7 Digital Relay Output
◆1 Pulse Output
◆Modbus Communication ( Independent RS232 and RS485 Port)
◆AC220V Power Supply. 
◆DC24V Power Supply is Optional
◆VFD Display. LCD Display is Optional
◆Language Selective. English is Default, Second Lauguage can be Chinese
◆Integrated Diagnostics and Self-testing Functions
◆Digital Electronics. Provide Accurate, Drift-free Performance


JY500B1 Dimensions-2

JY500B1 Dimensions-3

Ext.Power supply AC 220V (175-285V), 30W, 50Hz
Working temperature -10-50℃
Humidity ≤90%RH
288(W)x 190(D)x 95(H)mm
Weight 2.5 Kg
linearity 0.01FS
Accuracy 0.1%
Tolerance 0-99999900 t
Feed rate 0.0020-99999.9 t
Max.net signal input ≤30mV
Display 160*32 VFD Screen 110x30mm
Load cell excitation DC 9V, 250mA
Speed sensor DC ≤24V, 50mA
Speed pulse 0-3000Hz, 0-24V
Modbus Interface
RS232<=1.5m RS485<=1000m 
Default baud rate: 9600
(Baud rate and Communication farmat optional)
Analog Input 0-20mA, Long-distance setting the 
flow signal by DCS interface 
Analog Output 0-20mA, 2 Ports
1 Port for measure signal
( Flow, speed, load signa optional )
2 Port for control signal
Digital Output Touch Capacity AC 220V, 3A
Digital Input DC 24V, 4 routes Passive touch signal
1 route: external error acknowledge
2 route: external control for stop signal
3 route: external control for start signal
4 route: control for speed pulse input signal
Protected class IP54
Division 0.001kg、0.01kg、0.1kg、1kg、0.1t、1t…