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JP501B Shear Beam Load Cell

textile machinery.
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 textile machinery.

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Model: JP501B
Structure: shear beam type
Precision: C2
Measure Range: 200kgs, 500kgs

Aluminum material, sealed with silicon adhesive, surface spraying plastic with good resistance against corrosion.
Integral construction, easy installation, suitable for textile machinery measuring and other electronic measuring fields.
Capacity kg 250/500
Accuracy   C2
Maximum numberof verification intervals n max 2000
Minimum load cell verification interval v min Emax/5000
Combined error (%FS) ≤±0.030
Creep (%FS/30min) ≤±0.024
Temperature effect on sensitivity (%FS/10℃) ≤±0.017
Temperature effect on zero (%FS/10℃) ≤±0.023
Output sensitivity (mv/v) 2.3±0.04
Input resistance (Ω) 410±30
Output resistance (Ω) 350±3
Insulation resistance (MΩ) ≥ 5000(50VDC)
Zero balance (%FS) 2
Temperature,compensated (℃) -10~+40
Temperature,operating (℃) -35~+65
Excitation,Recommended (V) 5~12(DC)
Excitation,Max (V) 18(DC)
Safe overload (%FS) 150
Ultimate overload (%FS) 300