Weighing Machines

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Topic Weighing Machines This topic is about "weighing machine" related technical articles and product information which from china longxin's website. weighing machine is a kind of weighing equipments that applied to automation.
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  • Combination weighing device
  • A combination weighing device having a plurality of weighing units for weighing out batches of product successively by combining the contents of some of the weighing units which are selected as suitable, each batch, which is weighed out, hav
  • Automatic batch weighing machine
  • The present invention relates to a material handling and measuring machine for measuring out predetermined quantities or batches of a selected material by means of a selectively set indicator which is associated with control means governed b
  • Hydraulic weighing machine
  • A hydraulic weighing machine includes a base, a weighing platform, an expandable bag, an upright stand, and a vertically extending weight scale. The expandable bag is disposed on a load bearing side of the base, and supports the weighing pla
  • Combinational weighing machine
  • A combination weighing machine has articles (M) delivered to a dispersion feeder (2), distributed therefrom to a plurality of weigh hoppers (6) through independently driven radial feeders (3), and weighed such that a combination of weigh hop
  • Combination weighing machine
  • An automatically controlled combination weighing machine, which is generally used for packing a plurality of articles in each bag or the like so that each bag contains a predetermined weight of articles, comprising a plurality of weighing un
  • A weighing scale in which the weighing platform rests on elongate elastic elements such as leaf springs suspended between fixed supports such that an imposed load anywhere on the platform produces a resultant displacement of the platform at
  • A combination weighing machine comprising a number of weighing scales for weighing a material batch located in each of the weighing scales; and a number of memory scales; and means for emptying the weighing scales and transmitting the weighe
  • Weighing machine
  • A weighing machine comprises a scale cell for weighing an object and outputting a weight signal indicative of measured weight value of said object. A vibration-detecting cell is set on the same floor as said scale cell for outputting a floor
  • Belt weighing machines
  • A method of installing or adjusting belt weighing machines to reduce errors in the weights recorded applies to machines having a conveyor belt (25) which is driven over a series of idler rollers (22, 24, 23) in which one or more idler roller
  • Automatic weighing machine
  • The present invention relates to weighing machines, and more especially to those of the automatic type embodying means governed by the weighing mechanism for controlling the feed of material to a weigh hopper or other suitable weighing recep

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