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Weighing Indicators (Weight Indicators)

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Topic Weighing Indicators (Weight Indicators) Weighing Indicator is an important component of weighing scales or weighing systems which used in display the weighing data for the weighing process. Against static or dynamic weighing, the weighing indicator technical requirements will be very different. Some weight indicators also have weighing control functions.
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  • An electronic weighing system for batching operations which includes a load cell for weighing a principal container which receives a number of ingredients from individual ingredient sources. The load cell generates an output signal in propor
  • Weighing devices
  • A top loading weigh balance is described which comprises a platform supported by a plurality of resilient suspension devices. Each suspension device is associated with a transducer connected in a resonant circuit of an oscillator, the transd
  • Apparatus for continuous flow weighing
  • Apparatus for continuous flow weighing of a flowable material includes a pair of sequential conveyors. A first, control conveyor moves material from an inlet to a discharge point. A second, weighing conveyor is mounted for pivotal movement a
  • Calibration weight arrangement for an electronic balance
  • An electronic balance with a force-transmitting device (1, 101) has a calibration weight arrangement (4, 104). The arrangement includes a calibration weight (3, 103) capable of being coupled to the force-transmitting device (1, 101). It also
  • Calibration method and apparatus for an electronic weight ind
  • An electronic weight indicator adapted to convert an analog output of a load cell into a digital display which, after initial calibration, automatically corrects for dead load, drift and other calibration errors introduced by the circuitry.
  • Electronic balance with calibrating weight circuit
  • An electronic balance with a calibrating weight circuit and with a digital processing unit for the automatic drive of the calibrating weight circuit that includes a proximity sensor is built into the balance and that the automatic drive of t
  • An apparatus for use under an object utilizes a weighing mechanism and an adjustable indicating system for monitoring weight change. The apparatus may be particularly adapted for monitoring soil moisture level in a pot holding houseplants. T
  • Receptacle weight indicator
  • Force-releasable elements are used in association with imprinted numerical values of weight to provide a visual indication of the weight of the contents of a receptacle. The system is extremely easy to manufacture and highly affordable, thus
  • A deformation responsive weighing apparatus for measuring loads applied thereto comprises a straight, longitudinal bar of uniform circular cross section which is elastically deformable in response to loading, the bar being retained by bar su
  • An analog and digital indicating electronic meter provides a digital readout of a measured value, and a pointer indication of the measured value on a selectable analog scale configured to match the measured value.
Weighing Indicator Products With Weighing Control Functions
  • JY500C1 Quantitative Packing Scale Controller
  • JY500C1 Packing Scale Controller is ZhuoHe's quality Product and mainly apply to automatic rating packing controller in grain,chemical industry, food,building material industry ,suitable for belt feeding ,etc
  • JY500A2 Batching Controller
  • The JY500A2 Batching Controller is the latest in a series of weight measurement and control instrumentation used in a wide variety of applications including batching, blending, check weighing, filling and dispensing, force measurement, level
  • JY500B3(Embedded Type) Belt scale Controller
  • JY500B3VFD Belt Weigher Controller apply to bulk measurement in various industries such as power generation,coal industry, metallurgy, mining, harbor, chemical and building material industry. it is a weighing controller with a VFD display...

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