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JY500A8B Weighing Indicator

suitable for weighingcontrol in iron and steel, metallurgy, chemical, food , feed and other industries.
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JY 500A8b is a weighing controller which adopts the world's most advanced high - precision ∑- ΔA/D conversion chip and with the core of high anti - interference performance microcontroller. It takes full account of complexity of the industrial scene and combines with well- designed hardware and software to enable the production and management under a favorable protection. It is suitable for weighing control in iron and steel, metallurgy, chemical, food , feed and other industries.

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◆ Integrate with weighing, display, communication and control
◆ Internal integrated switching mode of power supply from 185 V
to 265V
◆ Double filtering with analog and digital
◆ Automatic error diagnosis
◆ Automatic zero tracking
◆ Automatic power- on zero-setting
◆ Password set up

 Condition of usage environment temperature -20 -70 ℃ Relative humidity ≤90%
Condition of usage Capture the positive and negative signals and show the positive and negative values .
Power supply AC 85~265V, 50Hz /60Hz or DC 30V
Measuring error  ±0.5%FS
Bridge circuit power supply 9V, 500mA max
Output node Three - way relay with 10 A/250 V or 10 A/30V  load; three inputs.
Output interface RS232 serial . Optional configuration : RS485
serial, 20mA current loop seria, 0-5V/ 1-5 V/ 0-10V voltage ,
0-20 mA/ 4-20mA analog