Oil Batching System

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Oil Batching System
A batching system which consists and weigh hoppers with pneumatically operated butterfly valves and vibrators for batching of carbon. Further, these systems are provided with an overhead heating tank and an intermediate weighing tank for batching of oil and the batching is done as per loss in weight of oil in the intermediate tank.


PLC control for better accuracy and consistency of operation
Programmable set points
Cumulative totaliser, batch totaliser etc
Calibration through keyboard
Fast sampling ADC for high-speed performance
RS 232 interface

Technical Specifications:
Carbon & Oil Batching System
Maximum Batching Capacity
As per the process requirement
Resolution (e)
20g(Carbon), 10g(Oil)
 ±  0.25% of full scale
Set Points
Through flexible keyboard
Load Sensor
Load cell
Discharging pump for oil
Suitable positive displacement pump
Filling valves
Pneumatically operated
Storage of Carbon & Oil
Over head tank (to be provided by customer)
Outlet hose from the dispensing pump for Oil
Flexible rubber braided hose withstanding 60° C temperature - 2 meters length
Capacity of the heating tank for Oil
4 times the max. Batching capacity
Capacity of the batching tank for Oil
Maximum batching capacity
MOC of the heating tank and batching tank for Oil
SS 304
MOC of the Storage and Weigh Hopper for Carbon
SS 304
Capacity of Storage and Weigh Hopper for Carbon
As per the process requirement
Discharge of Powder to intermix
Via discharge chute by electrically operated vibrators
Features of the Control Panel
PLC, LCD graphic display to indicate set, achieved and cumulative quantity, keyboard to enter required quantity, Audio-visual indications for the status of batching, RS 232 interface.

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