Punching Flowmeter

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Punching solid flowmeter is a kind of based on momentum principle to measure  flowmeter of powder granular medium of free falling . It measured medium impulse force ,caused the material in the detection plate, and slide down the force  convert  proportional to the instantaneous weight of standard direct current signal (0 ~ 10 ma, or 4-20 ma). By feeding device to join  free falling powder material from a certain height, by the force of impact test board and material on the test board slide by the force of is proportional to the instantaneous weight of the material under test, will be converted into a standard electrical signal, which is the basic working principle of flow meter.

  Functions: DC type impact of bulk solid flowmeter can measure the rate of flow of material online . Its reliable performance and low price. They are widely used in food, chemical, building materials, metallurgy  Metallurgy, electric power and other industrial production processes in a variety of bulk solids measurement and quantification Control. Used in conjunction with bucket elevator, belt feeder, vibrating feeder and rotary valve, etc .Suitable for all kinds of batching system.

  Features: Minimum ambient temperature up to -40 ℃
     · Range: 0 ~ 400t / h
     · Structural dust
     · the precision is better than 1%
     · Powder, granular and bulk materials can be
     · High reliability and minimal maintenance
     . Small volume, light weight, take up less space
     · between a table and flow totalizer longest
distance 500m
     · Sealed structure , not  due to attachment
arising wandering

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