Concrete plc ingredients

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Concrete plc ingredients
The quality of  weighing precision concrete  of 
batching  instrument control system is closely related with mixing station‘s accuracy of weighing and batching control system , the weighing accuracy also is one of the important indexes to measure mixing station production performance of the electronic control system. As commercial concrete has large production , high productivity, strict quality requirement , in order to achieve high quality and efficiency, we must choose precise batching control system to ensure . Typical concrete batching control system of  concrete , is composed of sensors, ingredients instrument PLC and upper machine etc. several parts.The weighing accuracy batching control system with sensors and instrumentation choice ingredients have a great relationship .  For the sensor, due to the mixing station used in harsh environment ,  temperature difference large and a lot of dust, big humidity , so the sensor selection should consider the use of environment temperature, moisture, mildew, and according to the requirements of  the weighing precision correct choice sensitivity, error and maximum value. At the same time to consider the protection grade of sensors , the sensor high protection grade as more as possible, so that even in extremely adverse circumstances can also obtain good output precision. Batching instrument as a bridge between the sensor and control components, the high and low of its quality will directly influence the output precision of the entire batching control system, it is necessary to take into account the performance price ratio.
      Batching system stability and reliability of the
control system is used to examine  the batching control system, whether high quality of the ingredients is an extremely important factor. Because it will directly affect the normal production and economic benefit of the whole plant, especially some batching control system is a stand-alone configuration, once happen to failure will affect production , caused the losses are difficult to measure. We should pay attention to the quality of its supporting components and their own processing quality stability when Select batching control system , such as batching controller of good quality, generally use imported devices, such as relays, switches, PLC etc..
     After-sales service: as long as it's not a one-off
products, service problems, so the material flakiness content and crushing index values, etc.
     Admixtures such as the commonly used fly ash, silica
fume, and slag powder, zeolite, etc., in the source material is fixed, usually only detection the  fineness, specific surface area and other physical and chemical properties.

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