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Powder material metering conveying system 1

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Powder material metering conveying system
The technical field of
[0001] this utility model relates to the field of raw materials specifically claims a ー powder material metering conveying system the system it is especially suitable for transport of small granularity and drying the coal dust and other properties similar to the coal powder the powder material.
Background technology
[0002] raw material mixture material is in metallurgical industry ubiquitous エ section of sintering balling are needed to mineral powder supplementary material such as ー according to certain proportion to prepare material so the powder material discharging and measuring necessary. The making the needed all of the material after being evenly mixed do cold press to the cold press ball エ process of the segment display the material is particularly important because the material ratio is not at the same the ball the effect of generating directly affect.
[0003] to the grade of the rotary hearth furnace directly reducing them into non-blast furnace ironmaking research application hotspot of the application of the rotary hearth furnace can be used for processing a common lead and zinc sludge iron ore concentrate vanadium titanium magnetite and so on existing in present family and enterprise construction by rotary hearth furnace complete set of equipment investment and. Combined use of the rotary hearth furnace and the melting depth of the assorted reduction electric stove process vanadium and titanium magnetite concentrate into the direct reduction of the field of ー each heavy point by rotary hearth furnace the coal mine mixing and ball * to be deoxidized to prepare the metal ball * metallization pellet heating device enters into the melting depth of the assorted reduction electric stove to carry out fusion of the dregs iron separating エ the technology can make vanadium titanium magnetite of iron vanadium and titanium separating and recycling achieve the resource comprehensive utilization the purpose of.
[0004] of the rotary hearth furnace directly deoxidizing reducing agent generally uses coal powder so the coal powder the bottom of the material and weight with strict requirement of. In order to make the coal powder reducing agent and oxide is contacted tightly so as to reach good reduction effect the raw coal needs to be milled to a certain granularity and the coal grinding mill in the process of coal powder in order to get dry grinding the dried coal powder liquidity is good this utility model adopts common pulling belt is difficult to control the coal powder feeding. The pulverized coal as reducing agent the demand to measure accurately and ensure the reducing agent are matched in the stable quality to material stable to the follow-up of the ball pressing エ sequence supplies necessary condition at the same time the rotary hearth furnace to get good reduction effect the invention claims guaranteeing. Proved by practice stable and continuous feeding can get good effect if the ball material mixing and feeding is not even the pressure ball is difficult to control the spheroidization rate and intensity are ball can not be ensured as the surface of the rotary hearth furnace direct reduction caused by bad influence. So as to take measures to control coal powder material and accurate measuring item and it is importance problem ー.
Utility model claims a content
[0005] purpose of this utility model claims a powder material metering conveying system especially it is suitable for transporting of coal powder to make the coal powder material feeding continuously stable and the metering is accurate and it ensures the ball pressing effect.
[0006] in order to realize said purpose of this utility model claims a powder material metering conveying system comprises orderly connected with the material storage fluidizing machine feeding device feeding screw and weighing screw and the storage hopper is installed on the lower part of power inserted plate valves.
[0007] preferably said feeder and feeding screw is set between the is connected with the connecting pipe.
[0008] preferably said fluidizing machine the upper end of the upper and lower end are respectively through the flange is connected to the said fuel bin the exit end of the connecting pipe and the inlet end of the.
[0009] preferably said flow distributor set on lower part of the gas pipe joint the gas pipe joint and the fluidizing machine ロ end of the distance between the fluid of whole height of 20%- 40% 〜.
[0010] preferably said feeding screw and weighing screw is set between the flexible pipe is connected with the.
[0011] preferably said feeding machine is composed of variable-frequency motor to drive.
[0012] the technical scheme in the fluid device can prevent the powder material peng material or deposit plate structure. Through the feeding screw and screw can be used for weighing and is called screw weight feeding machine so as to make the powder material in the transporting process is in sealed environment from and there is no loss of fugitive dust it protects the surrounding environment at the same time it guarantees the stable and the preparing material proportion. It is applied to the conveying of coal powder the coal powder the stability of the material so as to make the metal ball * in the remained carbon is stable content so as to melt the furnace deep reduction smelting and creates the condition is low it is helpful to optimize product エ technology and economic index.
[0013] this utility model the other feature and advantages of the following specific implementing manner part to detailed explain.
Specification attached drawing
[0014] attached drawing is used for supplying for this utility model claims a synchronous ー to understand and specification is composed of a part of the lower surface of the specific implementing manner together used for explaining the utility model but it does not form the of this utility model limiting. In the attached drawing:
[0015] image i is according to this utility model claims an embodiment of the powder material metering of the transmission system structure conventional diagram.


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