Cement batching system

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Cement batching system overview
Cement batching system with programmable controller
(PLC) as control center , IPC as the host computer monitoring and controlling , auto-complete cement , sand, stone, water, water reducing admixtures and other batching blending   agents,blanking, mixing and discharging, etc,to achieve sand, stone online automatic detection of rate of water content,  have accurate distribution function; compared with similar products, has the high reliability of the system, the accuracy of weighing, the use of easy operation, easy to repair and strong professional etc.five major characteristics. Can be widely used sleepers, bridges,tubular pile , poles and other concrete products manufacturing enterprises and engaged in mixing station the production of commodity concrete .
  The main function of cement batching system Dynamic graph display the batching process of cement,
sand and stone, water reducer, water and other batching process , automatic display a variety of batching weighing value, theoretical value, calculated values​​, batching error (%);According to various the theory proportioning of batching combine  the sand, stone water content data to automatically adjust the construction proportioning, which can realize the on-line measurement of  water content rate of sand and stone;With manual, semi-automatic, fully automatic functions , can be preset batching cubic volume , can be continuous batching can also be a single batching ; Recipe data can be set up according to user needs, can be arbitrary choice theory formula; 
   With blanking impulse correction function;With a pre-assigned functions, and pre-assigned  proportion value ratio adjustment convenient , support rough matching and fine matching of water and water reducing agent , which can ensure the weighing precision, and can effectively shorten the batching cycle; various process parameters can be real-time online modification ; electronic scales, programmable logic controller (PLC) and IPC multi-level password protection, to effectively prevent unauthorized system modifications, provides an effective means for on-site process management ; with remote communications and networking capabilities, the user can easily put this system to access the workshop internal network equipment or with other automation workshop equipment interconnection; automatic alarm and fault indications, automatic printing construction reports, automatic raw material accumulated , data storage , query and other functions, providing EXCEL reporting capabilities; Intelligent digital electronic scale will all kinds of parameter selection and function seting  design  the menu form , the user simply by selecting that is able to quickly complete the operation; as long as by selecting the users  can quickly complete the operations; This scale has the automatic calibration, automatic zero, drift tracking and perfect self inspection and other functions.

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