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Belt scale weighing indicator controller

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Belt scale weighing indicator controller

1. Suitable for Ration Belt Weighfeeder with Ration Flow Feeding & Ration Weight Batch Control.
2. EMC design with high anti-jamming capability, suitable for industrial environment.
3. Power Supply: AC220V ±15% ;
4. Display: 16-bit LED digit display screen with English display.
5. Loadcell Signal Input Interface (SENSOR/LOADCELL)
     (1). 1 Weighing Signal Input: 0~25mV.
     (2). Excitation Voltage Output: DC10V.
     (3). Max. Connection Quantity: 8 Loadcells (350Ω).
6. Weighing Accuracy
      (1). 24-bit ADC;
      (2).Sampling Frequency: 100Hz;
      (3).Zero Drift: ±0.1μV/°C RTI (Relative to Input);
      (4). Gain Drift: ±5ppm/°C;
      (5). Non-linearity: ±0.01%FS.
7. Speed sensor output Voltage: DC5~12V (adjustable); Max. Current: 100mA.
8. Analog Signal Output Interface (AO) :
     Fixed 2 Definable 'Flow/Control Current /...' Analog Signal Outputs: 4~20mA; The third one can be added acroding to your requirement.
9. 4 Definable Normally Open Relay or Transistor Switch Outputs.
10. 3 Definable Normally Open Switch Inputs.
11. Digital Communication Interface (COM1/2):
      (1). COM1 Optional: RS232/RS485/RS422/Profibus-DP/CANBUS/Ethernet modules.
      (2). COM2: RS232.
      (3). Connectable: IPC/PLC, Remote Display&Operation Terminal, Serial Printer and Wireless Module.
      (4). Power Supply Output: DC5V, 100mA.
12. Report Print:
       Weight Records per shift/day/month of a year can be queried and printed.
belt scale weighing indicator controller specifications

1. With Clear and bright LED display;
2. With good stability and accuracy;
3. With good price and fast delivery;

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