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Features and Applications of K-SFT Smart Force Transducer/Load Cell

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In this page, you will learn the main features and weighing applications of K-SFT Smart Force Transducer/Load Cell.


The SFT Smart Force Transducer, operating under compression, provides accurate, stable and reliable digital load measurement under a broad range of operating conditions.

Main Features
- Direct digital weighing control
- Onboard microcontroller
- Excellent repeatability and stability
- High resolution
- Ultra low deflection
- High tolerance to vibration and electrical noise
- Electronic linearization
- Electronic temperature compensation
- Stiff, rugged construction
- Serial channel interface (RS 422/485)
- Addressable two-way communication

Smart Force Transducer K-SFT III / Load Cell

- Built-in overload protection of +200%
- Built-in underload protection of -50%

Smart Force Transducer K-SFT II M

- Built-in overload protection of +1000 kg
- Built-in underload protection of -100 kg

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