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Bluetooth radio technology used in digital weighing platforms

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This page describes the bluetooth radio technology has been used in Sartorius digital weighing platforms.Wireless communication is considered a key technology trend and is likely to be a large market in the future.

This form of communication eliminates connection problems in areas where mobile weighing is required and conventional installation is out of the question because of ambient conditions, such as contaminated environments or clean rooms.

A specialist in laboratory and process technology, Sartorius has pointed the way by offering new solutions and application options based on the widely established Bluetooth radio technology.

Three new interface modules - the YBT01 for connection to the Sartorius RS232C communications port, the YDO01C-BT for connection to the UniCOM port on Combics industrial scales, and the YBT02 for connection to a USB port on a PC or laptop - enable wireless datacommunication and transfer of commands as easily connection by a standard cable.

Bluetooth radio technology offers a comprehensive solution for fast and easy communication between PCs and peripherals and between weighing indicators and digital weighing platforms.

Any PC software that communicates with a balance or scale through a COM port and cable can also communicate using an installed Bluetooth radio communication path.

Standardised Bluetooth radio technology allows mobile and stationary devices to be wirelessly connected as individual networks (piconets).

Therefore, this wireless technology is an ideal substitute for cable connections and infrared interfaces that impose a line-of-sight requirement.

Installation of Sartorius interface modules with this technology is as easy as can be.

The user can benefit from minimised expenditure as the Sartorius interface modules abolish the need for installing RS232 or RS485 cables and, as a result, eliminate installation costs, maintenance and level convertors.

Data security and interference immunity are high priorities in Bluetooth wireless technology.

Datacommunication in both directions is protected by frequency hopping at speeds of up to 1600 hops per second as a frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) and other encryption techniques are used.

Thus, this technology offers complete data security in security-relevant areas, such as in pharmaceutical research and production.

No fees are charged for this frequency, which means no added recurring costs for the user.

Wireless communications technology uses the ISM frequency band (for industrial weighing, scientific and medical usage) at approximately 2.45GHz.

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