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Volume batching and weigh batching

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The content of this page is what are Weigh batching and Volume batching.

Weigh batching is for identifying the amount of weight being loaded/unloaded in a system.Usually solids require weight batching.

Volume batching gives indication of how many cubic meters/liters of a fluid has been unloaded or loaded.

Volume batching is usually done for fluids , like measuring the amount of liquid cane juice entering the process house of a sugar mills, batch-wise,in a sugar factory to determine the mount of sugar extracted in tons.

Basically weight/volume batching is the amount of a substance fed into a process or amount of substance coming out of a process.

Batch is a unit in wight or Volume.

weigh batching is recommended as it provides greater accuracy and simplicity and avoids the problem created by bulking of damp sand
However, volume-batching, is used for concrete mixed in a continuous mixer and for certain places where weighing facilities are not available.

Weigh batching equipment facilitated with control panel, as shown in Fig. 8-1, in ready mixed concrete plants where a large quantity of concrete is daily produced.

Why volume batching of concrete is preferred in general construction works?

The reason for workers to prefer volume batching in general construction is that volume batching which involves measuring the volume of the ingredients (cement, coarse and fine aggregates, etc.) is easier, simpler and faster, whereas weigh batching involves tedious work- transporting the mixtures to weighing machines,weighing; if it exceeds the desired amount, it has to be unloaded etc. And moreover labourers at work sites are not technical and hence they tend to ignore complicated processes. If I am at work site I would do the same, though I'm an engineer.

Tips: A quality batching controller is impotant to the work of weigh or volume batching equipments.

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