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To upgrade a weigh Belt controller

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A company named Procon Engineering are introducing their new EP50 Proweigher Resometric weigh Belt controller, which can be used for new or upgrade installations

This comprehensive instrument is the latest in a long line of dedicated controllers from Procon and has been designed for demanding belt weighing applications in the harshest of environments in mines, quarries, coal stockyards and power stations.

The weigh Belt controller, which has a tachometer input for precise belt speed measurement, optimises the digital resometric input from the Inflo weigher.

The unit features a five digit weighing indicator and two line 20 character LCD which can be selected to display live weight, flow rate and totalised values.

The dynamic zero compensation facility and twin serial communication ports supporting modern fieldbus protocols, as part of the comprehensive list of features.

The Inflo Resometric Belt Weighers have proved to be far more reliable than conventional load cell based units and provide a unique combination of features that ensure the key factors influencing belt scale performance are maintained in service over long periods of time.

At the heart of the weighing scale is the Digital Resometric force transducer or resonator, which provides unequalled levels of measurement performance that are repeatable for extended periods.

The resonator has no moving parts and is pre-loaded to a standard level by the applied force from the weigh carriage.

The resonant frequency changes in proportion to the applied load passing over the carriage rollers and this change is processed by the electronics and combined with belt speed to provide an accurate weight reading per unit time.

Operators already using Inflo belt scales can readily upgrade to the new weigh Belt controller, thereby extending the flexibility and connectivity of their scales.

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