• Continuous Weighing

    The main content of this topic are "continuous weighing" related technical articles and product information which from china longxin's website.

  • Weighing Technology

    This topic describes the status of electronic weighing technology and analyzes the future development trend of weigh technology and applications. It involves wei

  • Automatic batching

    Automatic batching is the batching method control by electronic or electrical .Compared to the original & artificial batching, automated batching can significant

  • Automatic Packaging

    This topic is about the equipments,control systems and technologies for goods automatic packaging.In addition, we also produce packaging controller for the autom

  • Dynamic Weighing

    Dynamic weighing covers a wide range of applications either where the product, goods or vehicle are weighed while moving(For example: belt scale, quantitative pa

  • Weight transmitters

    Weight transmitter is a transmitter which able to convert the weighing signal to digital signals, or able to make the original weighing signal amplification and

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